Let’s face facts, as a nation we expected fallout from the incarceration of ex-President Jacob Zuma, at the same time
By Hazel Shirinda As part of Limpopo province community, how do I see the Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone and its
Lisa Thompson  Meshack Mbangula After three public participation rounds in September and October 2020 and in January 2021 it is hard
The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Musina Makhado Special Economic Zone (SEZ) echoes the promises made by government backed
By Brandon Abdinor The draft environmental impact assessment (EIA) report on the controversial proposed Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone was released
Coronavirus represents both a demand and a supply shock to the global economy. The key question is which assets are
By Sam Sole for amaBhungane The development of a coal-burning, water-guzzling industrial zone is a potential threat to the roughly
By Sam Sole for amaBhungane Conflicted Limpopo agencies charged with policing a proposed Chinese-run industrial zone are not up to
By Sam Sole for amaBhungane How a Chinese company hijacked the Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone. Documents obtained via an access
By Sam Sole for amaBhungane Government’s plan to develop a R40bn Chinese-controlled energy and metallurgical industrial complex at the Musina-Makhado
By Kevin Bloom When Vasco da Gama anchored off the mouth of the Limpopo River in 1498, he named it
 BY OCEANSNOTOIL It is not just nature that has begun to fill the spaces we have vacated, highly contested regulations are
By Christopher Rutledge – MACUA WAMUA Advice Office In what can be described as a diabolical conjuring of the dark
China is set to construct a massive industrial zone in Limpopo over the next five years China and South Africa
MACUA/WAMUA, SOLVE and ACCEDE meet with communities and climate change youth movements to discuss the impact of the proposed EMSEZ