South African Special Economic Zones : History of Limited Successes

Series: Adverse International and Local Conditions for Sub-Saharan Africa (Part 1) Given both short- and longer-term trends in the world and South African economies, there is a danger of government and society placing inordinate hopes in what are variously termed Export Processing Zones, Industrial Development Zones and Special Economic Zones (SEZs), as sources of economic vitality and job creation.

Global Economic Volatility and Socio Political Reactions

Trade and currency wars, financial volatility and economic turbulence are now the most important features of the world economy. The elements of a new international financial crisis are in place. Although we do not know when it will break out, it is unavoidable, and its impact on world economy will be as significant as the 1880s-90s, 1930s-40s and more recent … Read More

Special Economic Zones Fieldwork 2019

Coega SEZ In National (Dti led) development discourse, the Coega SEZ continues to be widely feted in South Africa and internationally as the SEZ poster child for South African and African SEZs. Yet, the Dti having reported that total state capital and infrastructural investment in ratio to job creation showing the huge discrepancy of expenditure relation to permanent appointments. In … Read More

ACCEDE’s Catalytic Activist Research Support

ACCEDE’s focus on inclusive development is centered on ethnographic and action-research that explores the detail of community participation and provides information and linkage support to activist organisations, including facilitating workshop dialogue. This close collaboration with activist organisations and unions aims to understand the interface between local political economic dynamics, workers’ rights issues and how these link broader global development debates … Read More

South -South Sustainable Development

Sustainable development as a theme for integrating the South into the Global Political Economy is driven hard in policy rhetoric in both the G20 and BRICS. Sustainable development is used to refer both to the ability of the South sustain development (i.e. with less and less state economic support) in addition to ensuring the environmental and Just Transition dimensions of … Read More

Rethinking BRICS and China’s Role in the challenging global geopolitical context

The BRICS Policy Centre, Rio, together with Action Aid India and South Africa, recently spent two days deliberating on the theme: “Rethinking BRICS and China’s Role in the challenging global geopolitical context”. Lisa Thompson on behalf of ACCEDE, School of Government, UWC, presented on the topic of New Forms of Aid to Africa, a case of BRICS investment in Special … Read More