BRICS and brics-from-below: confront new geopolitics, local and global

Research and activism during political turmoil in Brazil, India and South Africa, authoritarianism in China and Russia, and renewed aggression from the United States.

a workshop at the Alternative Information and Development Centre co-hosted with the UWC African Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, Wits School of Governance
and National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences BRICS Think Tank 147 Rochester St, Observatory, Cape Town

Date: Friday, 9 December 2016

please RSVP (for catering) to

1) Brian Ashley and Lisa Thompson: Welcome
2) Lisa Thompson and Pam Tsolekile: BRICS/brics-from-below in context and in research
3) Patrick Bond: brics-from-below in conflict with BRICS since Durban (2013)

10:30-11am – tea break

4) Ana Garcia: Brazilian politics and social movements, from Fortaleza (2014) onwards
5) Boris Kagarlitsky: A Russian view of BRICS and social movements after Ufa (2015)
6) Trevor Ngwane and Benny Kuruvilla: The Goa BRICS People’s Forum (2016)

1-2pm – lunch

7) Au Loong Yu: The view from China in preparation for a BRICS People’s Forum (2017)
8) Mercia Andrews: Lessons from the SA-Brazil People’s Forum process
9) Brian Ashley, Sameer Dossani and Lenny Gentle: Geopolitics and social struggles during Trumpism

10) Godfrey Netswera, Pam Tsolekile and Patrick Bond: Closure and ways forward

Mercia Andrews
is director of the Trust for Community Outreach and Education in Cape Town
Brian Ashley
is AIDC director
Patrick Bond
is professor of political economy at Wits School of Governance, honorary professor at the UKZN Centre for Civil Society and co-editor of BRICS: An Anti-Capitalist Critique
Sameer Dossani
is ActionAid International’s Global Advocacy coordinator and former director of 50 Years is Enough
Ana Garcia
is professor of international relations at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, honorary professor at the UKZN Centre for Civil Society and co-editor of BRICS: An Anti-Capitalist Critique
Lenny Gentle
directed the International Labour Research and Information Group until his retirement late last year.
Boris Kagarlitsky
is director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements in Moscow
Benny Kuruvilla
is a BRICS People’s Forum organiser and a researcher for the TransNational Institute
Godfrey Netswara
is the NIHSS Academic Director for BRICS and leader of the South African BRICS Think Tank
Trevor Ngwane
is a PhD candidate at the University of Johannesburg Centre for Social Change, a Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee founder and a speaker on opening and closing plenaries at Goa
Lisa Thompson
is professor at the University of the Western Cape School of Government
Pam Tsolekile
is a senior researcher and PhD candidate at the UWC School of Government, and an NGO and community leader
Au Loong Yu
is a founder of the Hong Kong-based Globalization Monitor and Borderless Movement, and lead author of the book China’s Rise: Strength and Fragility


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